Idle No More Rally in Vancouver.
Photos by Jensen Gifford

We are
infinitely clueless,
yet eager to learn more;
and smiles mean the world to us,
as loneliness can be so pervasive.

We are
unnerved by the fear and anxiety
of what we cannot move with our hands;
but we are not vile,
nor do we intend malice.
we are only trying to make some sense of

We are
not selfish or filled with greed;
we are hopeless because we do not
have enough to give.

We are
people who like to see the sunrise,
especially with another grateful face.

We are
dreaming of a day when we can see more
happiness around us,
and we even dream of the happiness
we cannot see.

We are
you, and the barista, and the teacher,
and we are people who love to love.

We are
people who haven’t taken no for an answer.

Poetry, Writing

The Audacity of a Collective

Poetry, Writing


Rows and rows of wandering minds,
not zombies,
not the definition
of a human as  represented in
Huckleberry Finn.
Not flamboyant like Kerouac.
Not mindless like Orwell warned.
Just adrift in a technological cloud,
more lively in a cyber-realm,
while holding packages in
one hand,
in the other,
waiting to pay
for a bite of happiness.
The  machines are singing:
clack clack clack
crush crush crush
thud thud thud!!
A serenade of doom
and living.