Old News

A lifetime ago, you were the talk of the town,
But lately you’ve noticed that you’ve gone unnoticed,
And you’re a stranger to their attention.

They pulled the carpet right from under
Your fading feet;
How could they?

Those moments when time was on your side
And they were your friends–
Those moments are long gone.
Where’s your place in the stars?

That dream is all you’ve ever known,
And you don’t know how to live
With the realization that you’ve fallen down into

How bitter, How bitter!
America, you’re no longer in your prime!

You’re no longer their fancy,
And they don’t even remember your name.

You now see that you’re not as
as you thought you were,

and your jokes aren’t as
as you’d always imagined.



Cover of 1915 edition of J.M. Barrie's novel, first published in 1911.

Cover of 1915 edition of J.M. Barrie’s novel, first published in 1911.

I tanked when I awoke
from the dream I was having
in which I was capable
of having a dream.
Underwater I went,
in my submarine to hide away
from the reality of being
not dreaming.
So far below sea level
that I cracked.
I was crushed by the pressure
of all that weight above me,
and the darkness of the
deep void of adulthood.

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Puer Aeternus in the 21st Century



a finite beauty;
youth is giving way.
the diaphanous spirit
does not remain
naive, tender, passionate.
Time erases the smiles
and etches a crease between the brow.
The exhilarating twinkle in the unbeknown eye
is now gone.

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It’s quite interesting how subjective a person becomes when looking back on his or her life. Some memories leave a ruminating unease, an unease not completely different from that of a nightmare. They seem so far away. This unease probably comes from the subconscious horror upon realizing how time can decay any memory it chooses. After all, it is easier to let go of a fleeting memory that causes one to suffer.


Portrait of a Childhood