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What’s so bad about all the trappings?
Aluminum wheels, particle board chairs,
boxed candies at the foot of the machine
That gives visual cues of what it costs,
Assembled fixtures give rest to consumeristic paraphernalia
That you simply must have,
With catchy song invading ear,s
As it mingles with fluorescent lightwaves;
This room is so sterile it’s killing all the life,
But why?

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A New Generation: Millennial Rising


Lena Dunham once said, “I think I am the voice of my [the millennial] generation,” but most of the time, I wonder about what that voice sounds like. Who exactly are we? Categorically, the term millennial represents the people who were born from the 1980s-2000s, so those of us in our teens and 20-somethings.

Other names used to define our generation: Generation Y, Digital Natives, Generation Me, Echo Boomers, The Dumbest Generation, and more.
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