Ten Commandments for Contemporary Living


I.     Thou shalt perpetually reinvent thy life.

II.    Thou shalt remember that meaning and purpose must be cultivated daily.

III.  Thou shalt accept imperfection.

IV.   Thou shalt embark on a lifelong discovery of the soul.

V.     Thou shalt not be too crippled by the enigma of art to allow thyself to create.

VI.   Thou shalt not become too serious to see that life is both tragedy and comedy.

VII.  Thou shalt not feel too certain of thyself so as to overlook thy own inadequacies.

VIII. Thou shalt drink a glass of water whenever thou suffers from anxiety.

IX.   Thou shalt not forget the importance of routine.

X.    Thou shalt remember that love sustains thyself.

Poetry, Writing


crayon all over pages,
in between the lines,
and sometimes outside,
tracing the mouth,
the eyes,
and the teeth of
an idea.
i am confused,
and cannot find the escape key.

Poetry, Writing


Rows and rows of wandering minds,
not zombies,
not the definition
of a human as  represented in
Huckleberry Finn.
Not flamboyant like Kerouac.
Not mindless like Orwell warned.
Just adrift in a technological cloud,
more lively in a cyber-realm,
while holding packages in
one hand,
in the other,
waiting to pay
for a bite of happiness.
The  machines are singing:
clack clack clack
crush crush crush
thud thud thud!!
A serenade of doom
and living.




A meme of a meme,
fabrications of a conglomeration
all leading in every direction, but never exposing their inception.
Just an ever-changing evolution
of a figment
of an imagination.
Searching for a constant,
but remaining inconsistent.
A never-ending transmission from IP to IP,
an internet ping pong of an identity.
Who am I? 

Photographs, Poetry, Writing


Poetry, Writing

The 21st Century Plague

Ring hands and hold breaths.
Get up and move to the living room.
No, no. Get up and go to Starbucks.
Sit at Starbucks for a while.
Begin to ring hands and hold breaths.
Plot and scheme.
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