DSC_00231Bonjour, Hola, and Welcome! 

Whoah, that sounded a little new age, cult-like, didn’t it? 

My name is Brittany, and I can suggest that I’m not a cult leader, but they all say that don’t they? I can point out that what I’m saying is probably true, because women are statistically unlikely lead a cult. Feel better?  I cope with the world the best when I’m being humorous, or at least what I think is humorous.

From what I hear, I’m living my golden years. I’m in my early twenties, but given that I cried about the brevity and impermanence of life on my 21st birthday, I’d say I’m not the poster child for that sentiment. Or maybe, I’m very similar to my peers and they can relate? I’m eager to find out, but I seem to spend a lot of my time alone. By choice, or by unpopularity, I’m not sure. Has the internet shaped a generation as much as they say? I hypothesize that it has shaped us entirely.

As for my interests, I have too many. I’m a patron of the arts, and an a vigorously aimless wanderer. With too many pursuits, and not enough time, I am perpetually sleep deprived. I’m a dilettante photographer, and a writing enthusiast. On any given day, I might be learning about quantum physics, or latin, ancient history, or religion. I like linguistics, and literature, a good existential philosopher, or neurobiology. Isn’t it neat how our brains work? Unfortunately, there isn’t enough time in the day, and no job positions available for a “learn it all, apply it nowhere” kind of person, so I’m trying to iron out those kinks.

I attend college right now, but not in the way most 20-somethings do. My professors are more my friends than my peers, and god that’s peculiar. With my solitary, honest self in one hand, and my disingenuous, popular self in the other, there’s a constant struggle in finding a balance. When I discover how mirror neurons work, or how the Greeks lived, I feel excited and want to discuss the information. Unfortunately, people’s eyes glaze over when we start talking, sans the professors.

I’ve lived in NYC, and for a very brief time, Portland. With NYC, I moved in with a very kind individual that drunk-messaged me on facebook one day. He turned out to be one of my best friends in life, and gave me an opportunity to see beyond the horizon. Next, I simultaneously decided to move to Portland, packed my car, and drove cross-country with an old boss that never left his college fraternity. So, I’ve had a few experiences here and there.

The big questions I face in life are: Am I really living it? What do I want? What does it all mean?


3 thoughts on “About

  1. I just discovered your blog this evening. Aren’t you thrilled to finally be discovered.

    Anyway, I like what I read. On a lark, I decided to nominate you for a “Sunshine” award. If you would like to accept, or just wander over to a stranger’s blog and see what lurks there, click here – http://writingforfoodinindy.wordpress.com/2013/03/24/keep-on-the-sunny-side-always-on-the-sunny-side/.

    Also, not to sound even more creepier than I already have, but I’m going to follow you. I think you have something quite good started here and I’m eager to see what develops.

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