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“Tears started to cloud my vision, the creases in my smile began to lay flat; the scathingly morose succession of notes to Quasi una fantasia absorbed a little bit more of me with each key, and in that moment I realized that I, too, would one day take my own life, for I was not well.”


2 thoughts on “#1

  1. Powerful writing. I see “Bipolar” as a tag. I won’t ask you to reveal your inspiration, but I can say as one who lives with Bipolar, you’ve captured the perspective very well.

    • Thank you. Yes, it appears I was bitten by the bipolar bug which is all the inspiration I need, and all the inspiration I never wanted at the same time. Although it’s unfortunate that bipolar disorder has plagued you as well, it’s always nice to run into a fellow manic-depressive on the internet. I feel like it creates instant camaraderie.

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