An Escapist(+1) takes New York

ny4 Off to New York City on a whim.

ny5We sat on a Greyhound bus for 32 hours.

ny6Sometimes you just have to get away.

ny74 hours of lying on the floor at the St. Louis bus station.

ny8Somewhere, USA


ny9We were ready to get off the bus. It was fun, but those seats weren’t as comfortable as they looked. 


In case you’re wondering, we didn’t have a place to stay. A  60 yr old jewish pornographer let us stay in his “Treehouse Loft” for $450 a month. For East Williamsburg, this was a steal. He was a wonderfully kind man, even though I was scared for my life when I met him.

ny11We attended Occupy Time Square. Paddy Wagons and the aroma of  Marijuana in the air. And a variety of people that were mad as hell and demanding a change. I’ll never forget it.

ny2Coffee and a cig.

nyRoaming around the Lower East Side

ny12Williamsburg Bridge, 2011


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